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Screen Share Parties

Paint Together Online In Real-Time!

Painting Parties are more fun when you're sharing your screen

Avni's Art is the easiest way to experience a virtual paint party. Share your screen in minutes, meet new people, and bond over your favorite colors. See your friend's canvas and paint along with them.

When you have a screen share painting party you can.

• Helps make it more collaborative
• It makes it easy to get everyone on the same page because everybody is literally looking at the same thing.
• Time-saving
•Increased interest and productivity
•Real-time document comparison

House party painting combines technology with art to provide an experience that no other product has been able to accomplish. Unleash your creativity. You can attend art classes from the comfort of your own home.

We will provide you with

• Painting materials
• Live teaching sessions

Paint together from anywhere.

Contact now at 508-250-8584 and find out more about Screen Share Painting.

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"I love these online art classes. I am very very honored to have a teacher like Avni Aunty because she teaches very slowly, kindly, patiently ..."




"Thank you for teaching me all those new (painting) techniques. I will make more pictures using those techniques"




"I loved her painting classes during the lockdown"




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