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Mini Canvas Kits

Painted Parties...Easy as 1,2,3!

Kits with painted canvases and step-by-step instructions to make acrylic painting is super easy.

You know the size of the mini painting is what makes it so special, but they are still great as a gift, office decore, or just something to do with friends.

Mini Canvass Kits are fun to do because you and your friends can

• Get creative together
• Paint with friends or family
• It's a mini version of its kind
• It's easy to do and fun to paint

Avni's Art lets you choose from a library of patterns and colors to create a beautiful custom piece of art to display in your home. Get together with friends and family members to enjoy the fun and celebrate your creativity.

Mini canvass kits (the size of a small shirt) comes with painting materials and with step by step instructions and paint.

It's something that everyone can enjoy.

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Contact now at 508-250-8584 and find out more about Mini Canvass Kits.

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"I love these online art classes. I am very very honored to have a teacher like Avni Aunty because she teaches very slowly, kindly, patiently ..."




"Thank you for teaching me all those new (painting) techniques. I will make more pictures using those techniques"




"I loved her painting classes during the lockdown"




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