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Paint At Home

Make This Activity A Family Bonding Time.

Paint At Home with family is a fun activity for the kids and family to bond by painting art in person or virtual.

Make acrylic painting an activity that can be done by families as a fun get-together. Avni's Art provides an opportunity to experience the joy and memories that can be created with your loved ones.

When you paint with your family you will enjoy:

• Spending more quality time with loved ones
• Creative ways to stay connected
• Prioritizing physical and mental health
• Unleashing family creativity

Avni's Art brings families, together to paint, relax, and enjoy each other's company. You can paint at home or in person with your family, friends or on your own to create a great time. Avni's Art provides an opportunity for individuals to get creative and have fun, while also learning how to use art as a form of communication.

We will provide all your painting needs.

Painting materials
Live instructions in person or virtual

Paint with family and friends at home, and have fun anytime you like.

Contact now at 508-250-8584 and find out more about Paint at home.

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"I love these online art classes. I am very very honored to have a teacher like Avni Aunty because she teaches very slowly, kindly, patiently ..."




"Thank you for teaching me all those new (painting) techniques. I will make more pictures using those techniques"




"I loved her painting classes during the lockdown"




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